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If You’ve Ever Struggled to Create Lasting Positive Results, This is the Course for You

Have you ever tried to change your life, even in the smallest way - taken a course, watched a webinar, attended a training, read a book, invested in a weekend retreat - and after you feel empowered and ready to take on the new you…but days or even weeks later, you find yourself struggling? Succumbing to old habits and patterns? Falling right back into where you were before? If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, majority of people are struggling the exact same way, and they can’t seem to understand why. But I have the answer. Almost all transformation modalities out there only cover one or two of the 3 key components to real, lasting change. And without taking care of all 3 key components as a whole, you will inevitably revert back to the way you were before. In order to embody your Highest Self, you must work on all 3. And by doing so, you can truly find and achieve your soul’s purpose here in this life, and flourish in the lasting change you have created for yourself.

What We’ll Work On


Self-love and acceptance is a critical component to living a life of true fulfillment and happiness. In this course, you’ll dive deep into a practice of self love. You’ll gain incredible confidence. You’ll finally be able to let go of the need for outside validation. You’ll discover an unapologetic and unconditional love for yourself just as you are. And you’ll learn how to connect with the Divine Goddess inside of you.



If you want real change in your life, it starts with changing what’s going on in your mind. In this course, you’ll learn exactly how your thoughts control everything. You’ll learn how to reframe the thoughts that aren’t serving you. You’ll learn how to identify and work through subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. And you’ll learn how to harness the perfect mix of practical and spiritual actions so that you can work from the mind of your higher self, not your ego.



Discovering your soul’s purpose and living a life of fulfilling happiness wouldn’t be complete without taking care of your soul. In this course, you’ll learn how to tap into the infinite wisdom of the Universe and work from your intuitive voice, not your ego’s mind. And you’ll learn to heal past wounds, traumas, and fears on a soul level to rise up and live a life that fulfills you to your core. By incorporating powerful spiritual practices and rituals into your life, you will be able to rise up and become the very best version of YOU there is!

How It Works

Weekly digital training

Each week, login to your course dashboard where you’ll find a new training video along with journal prompts and course worksheets to help you apply your training.

free daily coaching & private community

Join the private Facebook group to get answers to any questions you have. Enjoy a sacred community of like-minded people. I’ll be in there daily to help you through your journey, and you get access to this community for LIFE.

powerful live meditations

Every two weeks at the Full and New Moons, join me in the private Facebook group for live meditations to help amplify the work you’re doing and the changes you’re wanting to bring about.

monthly guided meditations

Enjoy incredible guided meditations included every month that will create powerful growth in you. These are available via downloadable audio files so you can listen wherever you’d like!


How much time do i need to set aside for this course each week?

An hour each week is a great time to figure. This will allow you time to watch the training video of the week and do the worksheet/journal prompts. Some weeks there may be a little more time involved, and other weeks may be shorter. There are 36 total weeks of training to get you the most powerful transformation possible.

what if i get behind on the weekly training?

That’s no problem at all! The course material is yours to keep forever, so feel free to go at your own pace.

what if i need help applying the training in my life?

I’m there with you 100% through your training. Have questions? Ask them in the private Facebook group. I’m in there every day to help you.

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